Monthly Archive: January 2021

Turning Of Your Utilities During A Disaster

Disasters such as fires, flooding, earthquakes, or power outages can occur without warning. When confronted with a disaster, it is important to close off utilities on your house to prevent additional damage. Find out how to shut off natural gas, water, and electricity supplies in your house prior to a disaster occurs, and teach your family the best way to do this as well, like …

How Disaster Can Affect Your Health

If your property suffers harm, the first thought that may cross your mind is how you’re going to repair the problem. While physical damage can be fixed using some hard work and elbow grease, homeowners typically overlook the risks that they can’t see. There are hidden dangers lurking within property damage that pose serious health risks to both you and your family. 

Sneaky Places Mold Can Hide in Your Home

Mold can grow almost anywhere, and there are lots of areas in your home that can flourish. Although mold most commonly develops in the bathroom and cellar, it may also hide in many unexpected areas. Since mold can lead to various health problems, keeping your home mold-free is imperative to a healthy home environment. Check out these locations that could be harboring mold in your …