Your big day is fast approaching after a long preparation, and you can’t possibly imagine how time flew so quickly. You already picked a dress, the flowers, cake, the band, and everything you need for your wedding. How about a wedding photographer?

Your wedding is a special day in your life so every beautiful detail and right moment should be captured. Your photos should relive the romance and magic all over again when you look at them in the future. To begin your search for the best wedding photographer, make sure that you have a clear idea of how you want your pictures to look. Do you prefer more traditional photography? Or do you want a candid style where every beautiful moment is captured?

Picking the ideal wedding photographer can be a daunting process, but consider these suggestions when making your decision to ensure you choose the best one:

Look at Their Portfolio

Before everything else, the portfolio of a photographer should be the first thing to catch your attention. A great and reliable wedding photographer should offer their customers a portfolio of their works, displaying their style. Bear in mind that professional photographers have different styles and techniques. As mentioned above, be concise on what style you want for your wedding pictures.

Furthermore, check the professional photographer’s website to see all their work, not just their favorites that are probably the best. Notice if the pictures are heavily edited, which is often a way to cover up the bad quality of work.


You want photographers who have honed their skills through experience rather than newbies with the most expensive camera. In fact, experience is more crucial than the camera itself. Similar to an artist who utilizes a brush, a camera is just a tool in wedding photography. What you need is experience, in addition to skills and talent, on how to use the camera, take pictures in various lights and conditions, and produce awe-inspiring creations.

After capturing those magical moments, the photographer’s job does not end there. They need to edit the images, cut, and create an album. So, make sure that you choose someone who has done these works for a long time.

Get to Know Your Photographer

Meet with your potential wedding photographer. Do your personalities match? Usually, you can know if they are easy to get along with, friendly, and down to earth on the very first meeting. In this case, first impressions matter. You do not want to work with a photographer who can’t blend with you and your guests and take photos with force rather than naturally.

In addition, reliable, professional photographers usually let you understand the whole process to know what to anticipate. Plus, this will guide you in your decision to work with a photographer or move on and continue your search.


Photographers generally offer packages to meet their customers’ budgets, needs, and preferences. So, the cost should not be just a deciding factor when choosing a wedding photographer. Expensive doesn’t guarantee high-quality work, and low cost does not indicate bad quality. Instead, do not hesitate to inform them about your budget so they can find you the perfect package. Make sure that you ask about hidden charges prior to signing a contract to avoid issues.


Talk to your family, friends, or coworkers. Ask about wedding photographers they have worked with before and if they were satisfied with their job. In addition to reading reviews on the photographer’s website, ask these individuals for recommendations or thoughts on the photographers they know. In some cases, word of mouth is an excellent source of information.

The Final Decision

These tips should guide you to have an easier hunt for your wedding photographer. Nothing is more important than the next because they are all necessary aspects to consider when making your final decision.

If you are on the search for the best wedding photographer, meet Kerry Jeanne. She is a professional and passionate photographer who goes to different places to capture many couples’ beautiful and most romantic moments on their wedding day!