Leaving a good impression on your visitors is the most important goal you want to achieve. Whatever products or services you provide, you want to turn them into customers and start making sales. Imagine how easy it is to purchase everything online in only one click without getting stuck in traffic.

But when your website is poorly designed, it may scare them away. It will cause trust and credibility issues rather than establishing it. Fortunately, you can redesign your website’s design if you want to establish your brand.

What Exactly Is a Well-Designed Website?

According to Stanford research, 75 percent of customers judge a company’s credibility based on the design of their website. The bottom line is, you want your website to be the first thing that customers look at. Here’s a helpful guide to help you design an excellent website.

  • With a clear goal
  • It’s visually appealing
  • Simple, yet very attractive
  • With relevant and original content
  • The navigation is easy and well-organized
  • Grid-based layout
  • Visual hierarchy
  • The F-shaped pattern reading
  • Faster loading speed
  • Mobile-friendly

How Can You Increase Sales Through Web Design?

1. Create an original Call to Action (CTA)

Your call-to-actions are essential to increase sales via web design. If potential buyers are interested, they’ll take the next steps. They will look for CTAs to help them how to proceed, which is the buying process. Make sure that your CTAs are visible on your site.

2. Make Use of High-quality Images

Select images, illustrations, videos, or any other kind of images that best reflect the personality of your brand. It is essential to ensure that your pictures are high quality since they’re the first thing visitors see on your site.

If they’re not high-quality, the audience may not be able to view the photos. This could result in people thinking that your site isn’t reliable. On top of these, ensure that your images are original.

3. Speed up Your Site

Your sales can be affected when your website isn’t loading quickly. Did you know that a slow-loading site costs companies $2.6 billion each year? To check your website’s current load time, input your URL to Google PageSpeed Insights. You may follow Google’s recommendations to improve your speed and then see how it goes.

4. Make Sure you Have an Organized Navigation

Organize your navigation to make it easier for customers to locate your services and products. You can make different categories based on the type of services or products you provide. One way to do this is to make broad categories and related subcategories under them.

5. Integrate Responsive Design

Nowadays, people use a variety of devices to connect to the internet. You want your visitors to be able to access your site from any device, including smartphones and computers. For example, if an audience visits your page on their phone, responsive design will ensure that your site can adjust to smaller screen size. 

6. Make it Simple

When it comes to web accessibility and user experience, nothing compares to simplicity. Consider the colors, the type of text, or the image. Select a palette of colors that best conveys your brand’s image and affects the attitude of your customers toward your business. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to use three fonts on your site.

Hiring Top Web Designers

There’s a wide range of ways to increase your sales, including using the best strategies and marketing plans. A part of these is using a creative website design to help attract and engage customers. First and foremost, set a budget and choose what kind of designer you want that fits your brand.

You need to look at their portfolio, read client testimonials, and check out their pricing. On top of these, ask if they have other services and make sure that they have a branding strategy and execution.