The use of cannabis has seen a significant glow-up over the past decade. Consuming marijuana started as a humble joint, spliff, or pot brownie. But now, there is a wide array of fun and delicious edibles that you can purchase over the counter from dispensaries in the forms of candy and chocolate. You can also have them as oil or other cannabis-laced savory options. If this is your very first time and you don’t know where to start, let this be your guide to cannabis edibles.

Buying Edibles for the First Time

There are essential factors to consider before buying edibles. There are different ways of consuming edibles and different forms and options—from flowers to edibles, vapes, and much more. Buying edibles should not require a rigid set of rules because people have their preferences and unique experiences. However, you might consider some helpful tips when buying cannabis edibles for the first time. Let these easy-to-remember steps guide you in your edibles experience.

Each Experience is Unique

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to edibles. You may have a different edible journey than your friends or partner because people process THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis that makes you feel high) differently. To start, it would certainly be wise to ask for recommendations from your budtender. Be open in explaining your tolerance to THC, your preferences, and other experiences you might have. It would be good to read more about the company before purchasing edibles.

Know Your Number

When buying edibles, they come in different milligrams of THC and CBD. You would notice that in every dispensary, such as the Snowmass dispensary, the amount of THC and CBD contained in the product is usually labeled properly and visibly. According to experts, starting small and working your way up is always best. An ideal amount of edibles would be in increments of 5 mg. If you find it too strong, you can always deduct it.

The THC usually kicks in at an average of 90 mins (if you eat and digest the edible, it differs if you consume it in other ways). So be patient for it to kick in, and do not overeat. Remember, eating more means you get higher, but there’s no undo button if you eat more than you can handle.

Where to Buy

Whether through a delivery system or buying from your favorite dispensary, it is always good to have your usual place of purchase. Some people prefer to have their goodies delivered to their homes, while others prefer going to the dispensary and picking out the edibles themselves. There are advantages to going to the dispensary yourself, especially if you want to chat with your budtender about what to buy and how to consume it.


There are different ways to consume edibles. It is very important to always ask for recommendations from your budtender before buying and consuming edibles. If it’s your first time, always start with a small and doable amount of THC and CBD. Read the labels and ask your budtender how you should consume your edibles. Always ensure you do it in a safe environment, with people you know and trust well. The more edibles you eat, the higher you’ll get, so it would be smart not to overdo it.